About Us

Crossroads Community Church is a church where we are Godly focused, Jesus Christ centered, Holy Spirit led, and Mission minded. 


Crossroads Community Church’s e4 Mission:

To encourage others through our thoughts words and deeds based on the Bible and our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

To equip those coming through our doors and neighborhoods with ministry and ministry tool for them to start a relationship with Jesus Christ or grow in their current one.

To empower people to be intentional on serving Crossroads Community Church with their time, talent, and treasures.

To purposefully engage others by sharing their story, Jesus’ story while leading people to Christ or helping them grow in their current one.

Crossroads Community Church Vision:

To be a disciple based, discipleship making, and a disciple sending church that… disciples people, helps people to disciple others, and to eventually plant other disciple based churches; either by multi-campuses, or being a sending/supporting church.


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