This week’s message: “Israel Get a King” (1 Samuel 9-13)

Join us this Sunday, as Elder Jeff Ross continues in our sermon series based on the "The Good Book" by Deron Spoo and inspired by the Bible. During this second 5-week mini-series our overarching theme is, "God is Good When Life Gets Messy” This week's message is entitled, "Israel Gets a King" (1 Samuel 9-13) When things don't go your way what do you do? Israel knew about getting exactly what they asked for. The problem was, it did not pan out the way they intended. Elder Jeff Ross will show you through the Bible what happens when God steps in. Has it been a while since you've come to church or have not found the right one? We would love to have you come visit us. Worried about your past, what to wear, the building caving in on you? No worries, we just want to come as you are and be a blessing to you, and show you how much God loves you! You are welcome whatever situation, condition, or circumstance you are in life. We are more concerned about your present and future than your past. We are Godly focused, Jesus Christ Centered, Holy Spirit led, and Mission Minded. Come see how the church can have a positive and transformational effect on and in your life. Jesus loves you and we want to inspire, encourage, and challenge you to grow closer in your walk with him, or start a personal relationship with him if you have not. This Sunday is the perfect time to come back to church. We are located at 303 East Oak Street (across from the old Dollar General, use the north alley entrance and come in the blue doors.) Celebration Services start at 9:23 a.m. We have a time of praise and worship singing, prayer, fellowship, and of course God's spoken word. See you Sunday at Crossroads Community Church where your faith and life intersect! We will have the sermon live, starting around 10:00 a.m. (A little later on first Sunday's.) Like us on Facebook and find the message there.  
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